526230_10150959655018943_1851127529_nAs a dreamer, writer, mindfulness practitioner, mother, wife, daughter, sister, overall family kind of person, humanitarian, a sometimes-clumsy-sometimes-graceful person, as a bright soul with every right to be here just as every other bright soul with every right to be here, I live in this world. And this world never fails to leave me with a sense of wonder.

Like so many, I sometimes (or maybe often)find it difficult to make time for everything that I love, but because I love it I keep doing it, no matter how often I might get interrupted by others, by myself, by the freeflow nature of life itself. Our actions and thoughts might get interrupted from time to time, but love is continuous, it can’t be truly stopped and it will always bring us back where we need to be, or so I’ve got a tendency to believe. Some days a simple walk outside helps me refocus, other days an hour on the yoga mat, or just sitting in silence with incense lit, music playing. Sometimes it’s blogging a little, a small and simple yet restorative act of sharing.

Here is a place interested in emotions and moments, in learning and sharing, in epiphany and the obvious, through language and story. Here, the purpose of language is to build a kind, unpretentious place of storytelling and communication–a subtle spot included on the map of the blog universe–where you might like to stop by (with or without a cup of coffee) for a little break in the day.

Life is give and take, and life is built by information; this is a space to give and take information for inspiration, encouragement, and, equally important among all things that make up our days, for the simple sake of smiling. A life without humor is the wrong path indeed. Also, I have discovered that trains are an amazing, fulfilling, totally scenic way to travel. I recommend it and hold a soft spot in my heart for riding the rails, hence the included “Self-Portrait in a Train Dressing Room.”

Life is a journey, not a destination. Life is definitely an amazing journey for body, mind, and soul, and each day, with whatever it presents to us, is an important part of the journey. Each day carries the possibility of epiphany in our lives–an enlightening realization of some kind, an intuitive grasp of reality through something simple and striking. Those moments that awaken and strengthen our sense of wonder.

Peace, inspiration, and happy journeys to all.


4 thoughts on “About

    1. Thank you, happy that it’s interesting for you! I am definitely visiting your blog as well–your travels and thoughts are inspiring, and motivating. Be well, and safe and awesome travels to you!

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