Into the World

observation car

How far have you set out into the world? How far have you gone into the lives of others?

I’ve traveled only within my nation’s borders so far, but I’ve met, crossed paths with, drank coffee and tea with, laughed with, sat with, cried with many, many people of all types from all places in this dreamy, lovely world that deserves so much more stability than we, as a human race, sometimes offer to it.

I’ve chanted and breathed in Zen Centers and in Hindu Temples. I’ve prayed within Synagogues, Christian churches and Mosques. I’ve walked city streets with Hare Krishnas and danced along at PowWows. I’ve learned Kundalini meditation and awakening from a Guruji, and shamanic spiritual healing from medicine men and women. I’ve originated from a diverse family, was raised Catholic, am now a practicing Muslim who still believes in the Buddhist saying “religions are fingers of the same hand, all pointing to the same moon.” I support interfaith and intercultural efforts, I support same sex marriage and stopping bullying. I support what encourages coexistence between each of us beautiful people.

What is my wish?

To see more of everywhere and everyone, and do whatever tiny or larger thing I can to share the sense of connectedness with others. Also to listen to what everyone else has to say, to hear about others’ experiences, to understand the stories everyone of us has to share.

So many people, all moving around this world. Walking, driving, riding in airplanes and trains, riding bicycles. You’re among everyone, you’re a part of it all, element of the whole. Wherever you go, whether far or close, ask yourself one question–how will you see the world, the people of it? Will you see the mystery and beauty of it all, all of that magic that deserves to be protected and respected? Will you be willing to keep, and make, the peace?

What is your wish?

There are two simple instructions to creating a good life for yourself and those you share the world with:

1) Make your wish

2) Walk out into the world with a plan and every intention to make that wish come into being. 🌸

4 thoughts on “Into the World

  1. I know what its like to wake up on the other side of the world. I have travelled to many wonderful cities on this earth and yet there is always somewhere new I wish I could see and wonderful cultures and people to meet.

    1. It’s amazing how much is constantly going on in the world. Travel is also a way to see how much good is happening, how many good people and experiences there are, instead of thinking of the world as made up of all the conflicts and chaos that makes its way to the daily news.

      You’re fortunate to have so many travels, I wish you more opportunities to travel and let your free-bird soul keep taking in new people and places!

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