Tabletop Fountains and Running Much Like the Wind


If you’ve never settled a miniature fountain onto a tabletop in your home, it’s never too late to try something new in your days.

If you generally walk, and only walk, to get from point A to B to every other letter you might need to visit and then back again, you might want to take a suggestion to pick up your feet higher, quicker, and run! Race the wind until you can (A) win or(B) blend in, moving as much like it in steadiness and speed as possible. Also, if you’re not familiar with mangos and lentils, prayer, yoga, relaxation techniques, deep breathing, calming music, camping, turning somersaults, connecting with art, understanding anatomy, opening your arms to the rain, holding an amazing Cecropia moth in your hands, laughing way out loud, standing in a gorgeous garden and simply stopping in place to study the way a fountain’s water reflects back the sun, forms of meditation, understanding the physics of energy, understanding the basics of holism, understanding how to laugh at warped humor, it’s fine, your mind can adapt to whatever change you ask it to take on.

Why take on changes, you may wonder, why try something new? A change is a shift, transformation, or alteration, and can be as simple as a change of clothing or hair cut or home decor or can go all the way to a transcendent life change that will bring you a meaning and peace of your place in existence that you possibly hadn’t even known you were looking for. Change gives us a broader range of view and motion in the world. It fulfills our needs to evolve into greater capacities of love and connection with ourselves and, in sequential order, others. Change is healthy, and we want and need healthy to keep this world going around.

Holism is a recognition that all parts relate to the others, that a system (be it an individual body or an entire society) works best when each part is functioning as it was meant to, and likewise the system can falter if even a single part gets knocked out of its course of action. Heal the body and the mind will heal, and in the mind healing the body will heal. When an individual is healed–healing meaning having strengthened the ability to function holistically–that individual can move that healing energy into his or her relationships. Individuals heal to become whole in all their human components of body/mind/soul, and couples and groups heal to become whole as components of security and peace to each other to create lives that are fulfilling, together.

Healing varies in intensity and need, and it’s often to our benefit think of healing as a daily practice, as it’s easy to get knocked from the course of our best actions even when we go out into the world with our best intentions.

Traffic, spilled coffee, lost wallets or cell phones, stolen cars, broken in homes that threaten both our emotional and physical security, rude people in stores, rude people on the telephone, rude people in your own house (sometimes you as the rude person), viruses and allergies, jobs we don’t really want but do really need, debt upon debt, lack of time, too much time when all we want is the day to hurry up and move on, sunburn, spider bites, bed bugs, hail damage, paying for toilet paper with quarters, being unhappy around chihuahuas, anything at all can put a heavy finger on our emotional eqilibrium to tip it, prompting us to justify staying out of balance regardless of the risk this causes to our health, the health of others, and of the world where we all so dearly need to reside in balance. It’s important to stay mindful of methods that bring us relaxation and a sense of well-being both physically and mentally.

If the musicality of a tiny fountain or a daily running routine provides you with health, then you do this. If it’s eating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, then you do this. If it’s volunteering, painting things that bring others a sense of appreciation of beauty and emotion, or praying you go for it, with confidence. If you’re really not sure what brings you to your best place of health with yourself and others, then you start trying new things. You look for changes of habit, hobby, or idea. You seek until you find.

And you will find what it is that improves your quality of living and lets you contribute to the greater life you function within; there is no exclusive club in the universe that shuts out certain people in their quests to change, evolve, or fit in. Everything, everyone already fits in, already an important component of this whole world.


Website Provided: Nelson’s Natural World, a listing of types of holistic therapies, also referred to as complementary therapies. The therapies are referenced as complementary in the Western practice of medicine because they are considered as non-mainstream methods combined with conventional medicine. It is always best to follow the treatments suited for a specific condition as stated by your licensed, competent physician. They earned their license for a reason, and true holism leaves nothing out that is beneficial to healing and overall well-being, be it of complementary or conventional school of thought.

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